Kids Bento Lunch Ideas

When my older kiddos finally started school I went on an exhaustive hunt to find THE perfect lunchbox for them. If I didn’t find the perfect lunchbox it could possibly ruin their entire school experience, moms stress about things like this because we’re crazy. I loved the of bento lunches that let them have a few bites of a bunch of stuff rather than the typical sandwich in a paper sack.

After researching I had narrowed my choice down to either the Bentgo Kids or the Yumbox. I read reviews all over the place, weighed options, weighed pricing. I ultimately found a Groupon deal for the Bentgo Kids so I figured we’d give them a shot. I have to say we’ve been using them now for almost 3 years and I don’t really have any complaints. They’ve worked exactly like I wanted. They insulate a fair amount so food stays warm or cold (it’s not perfect but does the job), they stay closed when being tossed around the hallways by kindergarteners, we’ve never had a leak.

I enjoy making their lunches in these much more than putting together a sack of chips or something, I can grab a few items in the fridge and give them a well rounded meal without really having to pre-plan. It’s always things we have on hand. For the main dish part of their meal I either throw in leftovers or make kid friendly simple things. I try to stay as non-sandwich as possible.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 1.15.20 PM
Steak, quinoa and veggies, lunchmeat, Baby Bell cheese, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, applesauce all in ONE little lunch

Here’s a short list of some things we use for lunches,
and many more ideas over here on my Pinterest Board

Mini Naan pizzas
Meat/cheese kebabs
Wrap roll ups

Half hardboiled egg
Mini pierogis
Trail mix (nut free of course)
Ants on a log

We’ve used liquid-ish things too with success dips like ketchup or ranch, applesauce, yogurt, etc.

What are your go-to lunch ideas for your small ones?


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