About Me


The short version:

Momma to the Dudes and a little Dudette. MSN-RN, entrepreneur, perpetual student, prissy tomboy, cancer hater, beer lover, overachiever, design obsessed, Aries, mom blogger loving life and oversharing it with you!

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The longer version:

I’m a wife.mom.boss. literally. I have 3 adorable little men that I’m trying to raise to be strong amazing gentlemen. 4 men if you count my husband who still needs some mothering at times. In 2017 a little lady joined our crew, there is actually another female in the house finally! Obviously she will never date and I’ll forever be searching for girl mom wisdom which is foreign in this house full of boys.

I’ve owned a few companies, I hold a US Patent and have produced products with international distribution, I’m a nurse and nurse educator and I love medicine, I have too many passions for one lifetime!

My husband and I met in our hometown here in the mile high city. We own a construction company and are the Colorado version of Chip & Jo, except I have a sailor mouth at times. I love designing, he loves building, we make a great team in life.


This blog was born when I was asked to detail my weekly journey with my first pregnancy, it took off from there and has commemorated 3 more pregnancies and births and everything in between.

I write about a plethora of things here, it’s my space to share, teach, rant, brag, and be vulnerable. I make no apologies for my bluntness and ability to ramble. You’ll find posts about our parenting triumphs and trials as we raise 4 humans, the long journey of my Dad’s cancer diagnosis and all of its epic shitiness, lots of nursing insight and advice for fellow students reaching for their dreams as I did years ago in an effort to pay it forward, and a whole new realm of my other life passions including interior design, party planning, and cooking. This is not a niche blog folks, it’s my life unedited and I like to color outside the lines.