Design Trends 2021

Have I mentioned my design obsession? Oh yes, yes I have. As such I’m perpetually decorating or re-decorating or helping others decorate or re-decorate. Here are my insights into the big trends we will start seeing the next couple of years.

For the past 5-6 years we’ve seen a major boom in the industrial farmhouse vibe. Thanks to shows like Fixer Upper that gave this rustic yet modern style a name and a face the world hopped on the bandwagon hard. It’s cozy and inviting but new and fresh, it’s casual enough for every day families to embrace with the potential to elevate for those with a more traditional and crisp design style. While the farmhouse vibe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon I think we will start to see that married to some other more progressive yet vintage design ideas. Is that a thing? Progressive/vintage? Well that’s what I’m calling it.

Watch for the mid-mod trend to start exploding, I’m seeing it more and more. It’s like the new age hipster vibe meets class and elegance. The midcentury-modern era was post world war II and is a very unique style seen through the 50’s and 60’s. There is no mistaking mid-mod architecture, housing, and design elements. It was a precursor to the minimalist vibe, lots of sleek lines, cool and edgy, no frill or fluff.

Even restaurants are joining this resurgence of a 20th century version of mid century modern design.


  • spindle-y legs, the ones that look sleek but destroy your hardwood floor
  • metal accents inlaid in furniture
  • modern lines in lighting and accent pieces- think swanky hotel lobby furniture
  • warm wood tones- rich tones rather than gray and milky tones
  • gold, brass, rose gold- vintage metallics are going no where, I’m loving it


Classic neutrals will remain solid bases but we will continue to see bold colors for things like cabinetry, tile, accents, etc. I’m still loving the navy idea, it is a great color that works as a neutral. Look for this in kitchen cabinetry and built ins. Emerald green is another one I see making a comeback in tile and accents.

My biggest prediction for color is the resurgence of jewel tones.
Deep mustard yellows, teals, peacock, emerald green, blush pinks and mauves.

Textures- velvet is making a comeback.

Warm wood tones are coming back as opposed to the muted grays and milky wood tones.

Plants are absolutely finding their way back, fiddle leafs and snake plants give structure and greenery and convey the indoor/outdoor theme common in mid mod design.

This is another that is not going anywhere any time soon. Wall paper and 3D wall coverings are going to hit harder.

Home office space at a premium. With everyone migrating to work at home conditions from stay at home orders businesses have seen how productive their workforce can be without additional overhead. As more folks continue to work from home I suspect home office space priority will start to jump, I see this as the new version of a common home renovation project. Typically owners focus on kitchens and bathrooms, I see a boom in the office remodel space. Along the same lines I predict a boom in outdoor living renovation and expansion as people spend more time at home.

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