All That Glitters Is Gold or Brass

I’ve been saying this for a while now, much to my husband’s horror, that gold and brass are making a come back in design land. He is a home builder and the only thing he can picture is that awesome uber shiny brass finish on door hinges, door knobs, lamps, and ceiling fans from the glorious late 80’s and 90’s that we’ve continually replaced during renovations the last decade. I’m slowly bringing him to the light of how amazing this come back actually is.

You can find this trend popping up everywhere! From kitchens and baths to furniture and lighting fixtures. Brass is back baby.

Shayelyn Woodbery Interiors
California Modern Mediterranean Home
Nicole Davis Interiors

For a little over a year I’ve been planning out our office space. It’s transformed from hubby’s office to my office, to a shared space. Now that I am not hand producing product for my business on a regular basis there is no reason for me to have an entire office and sewing room to myself (at least until the basement is finished) therefore, a joint space makes the most sense. Anyone who has attempted to decorate a joint his/her space knows how challenging this can be! You have to find the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, at least in my opinion, so that the poor guy doesn’t have to sit in a fluffy chair with rhinestone lights and flower paintings while doing his man work.

So began my vision… which I knew immediately would include antique brass finishes. Think industrial vintage meets modern, a bit of a bridge from the modern sleek era to the urban farm vibe which is right up my alley. A tricky connection until these gold and brass finishes started to emerge from the relic museums! They say that design and fashion are cyclical, I’ve been alive long enough now to see that this is true to an extent and I’m all for it. Much like my affinity for gardening and crunchy momma things, a renaissance of sorts.

I will post my office space progress as it goes, for now we are consumed with baby nursery/ upstairs laundry renovation world so it is a slow process. If you have a joint his/her space let me see your pictures and inspiration!

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