Our Magical Diaper Rash Cure

We have dealt with our fair share of diaper rash in this house. Apparently my little dude’s hiney is a sensitive one. After everything we’ve tried we’ve finally landed on a magical cure that has yet to fail us… so far.

None of the creams themselves were enough on their own, NONE of them. Everyone I came in contact with had their go to product and we tried tons and tons, even foreign ones that you can’t buy in the US and none worked.

I seem to find that all of our dude’s bad diaper rashes are yeast rashes, which are usually the worst, they last the longest, and are resistent to treatment. You can tell it’s a yeast rash if the skin looks super “angry,” red, raised, with red bumps on the outer edges of the rash. Even the prescription yeast creams aren’t enough on their own to tackle HL’s booty.

What we’ve finally concocted works and I highly recommend it to any mom out there that has dealt with persistent nasty diaper rashes.

Step 1:
Mix together Aquaphor, Triple Antibiotic Ointment (any brand like neosporin), and Triple Paste (diaper cream). Mix these together into their own container.

Step 2:
Ask your pediatrician for prescription Nystatin yeast cream or you can use over the counter Lotrimin AF (the foot fungus ointment).

Step 3:
Alternate diaper changes with the two creams. First change you use the concoction in step 1, next diaper change you use the yeast cream only.

*** Before applying ANY creams make sure the skin is COMPLETELY dry, otherwise you trap the moisture against the skin with the cream and make the problem worse. I usually pat his butt with the diaper or a cloth and blow on it a handful of times before applying anything. Whatever you need to do to ensure that skin is DRY prior to application.***

Step 4: 
Make sure baby gets daily baths to keep the booty super clean.

Step 5: 
Use ONLY sensitive baby wipes or a warm washcloth for diaper changes. I ONLY use Pampers Sensitive wipes because his skin is so temperamental. Check the ingredient list on your wipes, anything with alcohol in it is not good. Aloe is also a major irritator despite what it is intended for.

This has cleared up even the worst diaper rashes we’ve had in about 7 days.

Some other things that can help:


  • Probiotics! Making sure baby has good “flora” in their diet, add in some yogurt for those good cultures
  • Letting the butt have open air time as often as you can, which is a challenge with a baby but a few minutes a few times a day can really help.
  • Frequent diaper changes until cleared up, I go 2-3 hours maximum
  • If you aren’t noticing any changes after all of this consider switching diaper brands and/or wipe brands.


Momma Notes: The Triple Paste is a pricey one, especially when you have to buy the giant tub for frequent rashes, but it also offers a GUARANTEE for satisfaction, so if it doesn’t work you can get your money back. I’m all for products that guarantee they work! You can find it at most big box stores like Target and Walmart, some grocery stores, and Walgreens carry it.

Baby #2 EDITS
Baby D did not have nearly the butt troubles as his older brother, only a handful of nasty diaper rashes before he was potty trained. However, for those bouts we went back to our tried and true method and it worked wonders.

Our second choice for a cheaper all around cream to use for irritated skin prior to it breaking out in a rash is Bag Balm. Comes in that little green tin and lasts quite a while, about $5-$10, a great second choice.

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