Boy Mom Life, Our First ER Trip for the 14 Month Old

The pictures are graphic. I could choose to censor them but I don’t, because this is real life and more importantly it shows how completely fine he seems during the whole ordeal while I, on the other hand, worked hard to keep my composure! 

Is this what I get to look forward to with ANOTHER boy on the way? Are we going to have a VIP parking spot at the local emergency room?

I have always been one to tell people that my kid is a wild child. I mean he’s amazing, so good, and SOOO happy all the time, but the kid is B.U.S.Y. Constant motion is a phrase we use here often. He can’t sit still for more than about 5 minutes. Ok maybe 5 is pushing it. He happily runs from one activity to another.

5 minutes in our house looks like this.

HL barrels down the hallway for the kitchen, grabs open a cupboard door, pulls a few spices out and drops them on the floor, runs to grab the Swiffer or broom, drags broom into living room, finds sippy cup and takes a drink, sees truck and starts pushing it up the hallway “vrooom vroom”, gets to the end of the hallway and stoops to peer under closed office door, pokes fingers under the door, stands up and runs back down the hallway, goes into dining room and plays with tassle on sliding door, heads over to kitchen and explores dog food container, drops sippy cup into food container, heads to toy basket and grabs a ball, runs to baby gate and drops ball over the gate down the stairs, finds highchair and a lingering cracker from lunch, immediately scoops cracker into mouth, runs into living room and opens component cupboard to start pushing all of the buttons, repeats “no no no” to you and continues to push buttons, heads to toy basket and grabs another ball, pushes a few buttons on the tv on his way down the hallway again, suddenly becomes oddly quiet… “HL what are you doing????”… no sound… find HL in the bathroom eating toilet paper, pull ball out of toilet, and curse self for forgetting to shut the door.

That’s 5 minutes in my household, repeat for 4 hours until naptime 🙂 YAY!

So it shouldn’t have come as any surprise when my poor dude bashed his head on the crib during nap time requiring stitches. He was sound asleep in the crib for a good 25 minutes, so I thought, and suddenly I hear a loud thud and then crying so I run into the nursery and pick him up and see that blood is pouring down his face!!! Among many explitives I continued to say “It’s OK, you’re ok!!” while dashing around the house to grab a towel to keep the blood out of his eyes. After about 60 seconds he was quiet, totally fine, while still gushing blood as I ran to the closet to pull out my nursing gear and sterile wound kits. I grabbed some gauze and continued to search for tape to try and put some sort of pressure on his eyebrow, no such luck so I continued to wipe, with him on my hip, trying with all of my might to get my pants over my pregnant belly and shoes on my feet to head to the emergency room! And do you know what little HL was doing this whole time?? He was saying “down down down!” wanting to get down and go run and PLAY!!!! ::::shakes head:::::

So off we went to the ER to sew his head back together again. Thanks to my nurse brain I was able to keep my own composure, I can’t imagine how nerve wracking this would be for other moms! It was most definitely stressful and anxiety inducing but that would’ve made it much worse. 

Actually the worst part was trying to occupy a 1 year old for TWO hours in the ER while the numbing medicine kicked in and the doc came back to finally close the thing up! The rooms didn’t have doors and he was eager to get down and run ALL around the place, in his Superman pajamas nonetheless ,which was quite exhausting for me at 5 months pregnant. It was just another adventure for him really you never would’ve known he was injured by his demeanor. Once the numbing medicine did it’s job they were able to close him up, they ended up using liquid stitches which was even better, and shortly after we were home again.

Just another day in the life of a boy mom I guess?!

How is he doing since? Well come spend 5 minutes with me and you’ll see 🙂

This “event” subsequently led to the start of one of my businesses and the journey to patent a product to prevent this from happening in the future! 

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