Design Trends 2018 And Beyond

I always seem to be into design trends that no one knows are trends yet. This has proved quite challenging because I have to scour the earth to find things to suit my design ideas like digging up a needle in a haystack. And lo and behold about 1-3 years down the road these ideas are everywhere requiring no effort to acquire… yet I’m off to the next idea.

Prior to the whole “farm-y industrial” idea that is everywhere I was wracking my brain trying to describe to people what my design style was. I’d often say that it was like Restoration Hardware meets shabby chic, with a little more chic and a little less shabby. Urban farm was a fairly decent description. Well now it requires no explanation, this is the trend everywhere (and perfectly executed on my favorite Fixer Upper show by the way). The first episode I saw I looked at my husband and said OMG someone finally GETS IT. She is my spirit animal. 

So what are the next trends that will emerge? I offer the following list. Write it down people, write it down, my predictions for the next couple of years worth of features in all the home magazines…

There will still be plenty of grays, quartz countertops, whites, subway tiles, chevrons and herringbones. However, these new ideas are definitely ones to watch.

Brass Hardware

Brass, gold, antique brass, all versions of the non nickel metallic will be everywhere from cabinet knobs to light fixtures.

All that Glitters Is Gold



Patterned Tile

This is a bold change coming to flooring options in bathrooms, mudrooms, maybe even larger areas like kitchens. I love it and hate it. I think it’s a great unique look but I think this trend will be gone as quickly as it came in and therefore longevity, re-sale, etc may not be worth the cost.





YES. Yes wallpaper. Trust in how amazing this comeback is because your grandmothers wallpaper is not what I’m talking about, there are oodles of chic modern wallpapers popping up everywhere. Even textured surface. Think a chic hotel vibe. We did it as an accent wall in the nursery.





This color is one to watch. I see it coming in accent colors, especially cabinetry. Move over gray cabinets, blue hues are on the way. Also don’t be surprised to see it paired with brass, that nautical thing is a match made in heaven. I also see this pairing with deep forest greens.



Blue Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Beautiful Navy Bathroom Vanity in dimensions 736 X 1104


Waterfall Edging

This one is gaining popularity quickly, waterfall edge counters in a kitchen are quite dramatic (and expensive fyi) and tend to be a bit modern. Quartz with deep contrasting veining is a main player for a waterfall.




Black Windows & Door Frames

There was a time that red clad windows were all the rage. Black is the next big deal. This high contrast idea is repeating all over the place from those patterned tiles to shower frames.



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