Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Alright so I’ve been making HL’s baby food for several weeks now and I’ve got to say it is so gratifying! I love that I know exactly what he’s eating, and that I can provide him with the best nutrients all by myself. So I will start a page for baby food recipes that we find and use along the way in case you’re searching for some ideas or inspiration.

My goal is to make my kid the most happy eater possible, I refuse to have a picky toddler on my hands so I am exposing him to every possible flavor, texture, and spice you can think of to make sure his pallet is well adaptable. So you’ll see in my recipes that I use a lot of “odd” ingredients, we’re just broadening his horizons!

My portions aren’t exactly precise but usually each batch that I whip up makes roughly 1-2 frozen trays of food. If you end up with extra just keep it in the fridge and use it fresh before using your frozen cubes. I also leave all of the skins on the ingredients instead of peeling because the skins are where the nutrients are and so far they’ve all blended up really well, if not I’ll let you know!

Here’s what HL has been eating lately…

Apricot- Carrot- Banana

This one is really yummy and you’d never know it had any veggies in it

2 medium bananas

3 medium carrots

6 apricots

Broccoli- Green Bean- Avocado

I will admit this one isn’t the best tasting, it’s a green mish mash but he eats it like a champ. Next time I may add some basil to give it more flavor since it is pretty bland

2 medium heads of broccoli

2 small/medium avocados

2-3 handfuls of fresh grean beans

Sweet Potato- Plums- Figs

One of my favorites so far, once you steam the sweet potato your kitchen smells like Thanksgiving and the dried figs are by far my favorite ingredient to use at this point, they’re so good! Also great by themselves as a snack.

1 medium sweet potato (or Yam)

3 red plums

8 oz. package of dried figs (found next to the Raisins)

Strawberries- Swiss Chard- Carrot

This one smells awesome when heated up! A great combo!

6 medium strawberries

3 medium stalks of Swiss Chard

3 medium carrots

How I prepare the food:

I cut each of the ingredients into half inch cubes and then steam them either in the baby food processor or in the microwave (it goes faster if you do one in each). After steaming each item until it is “smushy” I blend it up in the baby food processor and add water as needed. I use the water created from steaming the veggies because it has lots of the good nutrients from the fruits and veggies in it instead of plain water.

In all of my combos I steam and puree each ingredient separately and put it in a bowl and then mix all of the ingredients together in the end.

You can make the food to your desired consistency. I tend to make mine a little bit on the watery side because I add oatmeal to each of his foods.

To serve:

Right now we’re at 3 cubes per meal, I throw them in a bowl and put them in the microwave for about 50-60 seconds, this melts the cubes but they’re still on the cool side.

Hope that gives some of you some inspiration! I’ll update and create a separate tab for baby food recipes as we go!


A few more recipes

Yam It Up
2 medium yams (real yams can sometimes be found at natural food stores, can substitute sweet potatoes)
5 nectarines

Cut, steamed, and pureed!

Melon Ball
1/2 of a cantalope
1/2 of a honeydew
2 bananas

Cut all into chunks, steam, puree, and add oatmeal to the desired consistency. That’s it!

HL loved this one and it couldn’t have anything to do with the sweetness right? HA! Yes, this one is super sweet, but it’s all fruit so I guess that’s ok right? The bananas tone the melons down a little bit and the oatmeal helps too so overall it’s a great blend. The melons are also really watery so that’s why I added the oatmeal and banana, to give it a better consistency.

Garden Blend

2 med/lg tomatoes

3 med. carrots

1 green bell pepper

Seed tomatoes and pepper, cut, steam, and puree. Can add a touch of basil or garlic for more flavor variety! Next time I may add squash, potato, or green beans to this one.

Potatoes Oh My
(Makes a couple of servings *Double or triple recipe to make enough for freezer trays)
2 Red Potatoes
1/4 c of yellow onion

A few dashes of Lemon Pepper to taste

Cut into 1″ pieces with skins on, steam, and puree.


Add 1 zucchini

Add 1/2 c of mushrooms and 1 clove of garlic

Note to self, lemon pepper is an amazing spice on plain potatoes and is wonderful for adults too. You can disguise some veggies in this one and it’s just as good. The first time I made this was with plain red potatoes, onion, and lemon pepper. The next time I added in some zuchini and it was still yummy.

Happy cooking!

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