CPNE Resource Zone

Below are various links to posts about everything from my careplans to my PCS’s in depth. Hope some of it helps, best of luck to all of you on this wild ride!

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The posts include information that worked for ME, these things may not apply to you or to the current version of the study guide. Please confirm any info you find with an advisor as I would feel awful in steering you the wrong direction with any advice I offer that worked for me specifically. ALWAYS confirm info you find anywhere with an advisor, preferably on email so you have a paper trail. Continue reading “CPNE Resource Zone”

CPNE Clinical Performance In Nursing Examination


Dear fellow Excelsior nursing friends from afar,

I have put together these posts and information to help anyone going through this journey in hopes that something anything here may help someone out there. I was lucky to have the support and encouragement from previous students who paid it forward and I hope to offer the same to you. I’ve added a section to my blog for CPNE-ers in an effort to try to share this info that I would’ve died to have myself while I felt so completely lonely and lost during this program. Continue reading “CPNE Clinical Performance In Nursing Examination”