Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living Review

If you’re new to this Arbonne Bootcamp thing or heard about it and want to know more I’ve laid out my personal honest review of the experience here with a few posts.

I’m always up for any new takes on healthy eating and clean living so when I was told about this Arbonne “cleanse” of sorts I figured sure why not give it a shot. A month’s worth of cleaner eating, some detox for the body, couldn’t hurt.

I’ll cut to the chase, our results, and if you want to know more about what this program is keep on reading about the basics, pros, cons, and how to try it yourself it you want to.


Much to our surprise (we were quite skeptical going in) we both kicked butt! I lost 10 pounds and finally got past the plateau I’d been sitting at, I’m the lowest weight I’ve been in 5 years and this all happened while I was 4 months postpartum with our 4th kiddo which had proven much harder to lose the baby weight than the others.

My husband did even better, he lost 28 pounds! Yes 28, no joke. He is the lowest weight he’s been in 12 years! This is a big feat for him as he’s tried plenty of other things in the past that fell short.

My reality as a mom of 4 leaves plenty of room for improvement, I have no problem admitting that. I mean I still grab a McD’s cheeseburger on rare occasion, I LOVE beer and carbs, my kids could live on nuggets or macaroni and cheese if I let them, and finding time for the gym with a house full of kids and a business to run is more than challenging.

Now that said, we actually are pretty good at eating healthy in general, we’re sticklers for organic and non-gmo food, and I’ve got a lot of nutrition and physiology background from my career and college studies. However, we also like to cook gourmet food and eat! We’re definitely foodies. If it comes down to something healthy and near flavorless or something that tastes amazing but is full of less than good for you ingredients I’m going to side with the latter. Not the easiest thing to blend “diet food” and “gourmet” believe me.

My goal with this Arbonne detox was to find a way to merge the idea of cleaner choices and supplements with good food in a way that’d work with our family long term. It’s all about balance right? I wasn’t expecting anything ground breaking here, just a re-set.
The Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program is pretty straightforward if you’re used to the general clean eating m.o.

The Basics

So what is this program all about? How does it work? Basically, cut out the crap, add in the good, flush the system and hopefully learn some good habits along the way that stick.

You eliminate gluten, dairy, sugars, alcohol, “acidic” foods, and most carbs/starches. You add in “alkaline” foods, lots of veggies, and solid lean proteins. Then you replace a meal or 2 a day with their shakes.

Sounds like many other healthy diet plans out there right? It’s a similar concept to the Whole30 program, most of the guidelines are par with the paleo diet, etc. However, the difference comes from a few other products that you get in your 30 day kit.

The Difference

These are the things that intrigued me and convinced me to give it a shot since these are not normal things you find in your average “diet” plan out there.

  • Detox teas which contain good herbs and things to flush the liver and kidneys of toxins.
  • Fizz sticks which contain healthy-er versions of caffeine to give you a little boost when you need it
  • Probiotic supplements to get that gut health in check (MAJORLY important in health regulation, more on that later)
  • Fiber supplement to help you feel full and also regulate that digestive health
  • Lastly, the 7 Day Cleanse which is a full on cleanse flushing the entire body of toxins.



  • Ingredients are non-gmo
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup
  • Addresses gut health with probiotics which is huge in re-setting your body!
  • Incorporates an actual cleanse to flush toxins
  • Low glycemic index balancing blood sugar (helps with cravings, etc)
  • NO EXERCISE involved, in fact it’s discouraged while your body adjusts (this is a pro for me ha!)


  • The diet plan for approved foods/non approved is pretty stringent which can be trickier for people to stick with (the bootcamp recipes and meal plans make this super simple).
  • Some of the foods on the list may be a bit foreign to those who aren’t into the latest health food trends.
  • Cost, while it’s actually a great value for what you’re getting it’s not a drop in the bucket for most. Around $260 for 30 days for preferred clients. We shared the kit between the two of us and this was fine to give it a shot.


So I keep talking about this bootcamp, what is it? Once you order your kit you will be added to a Facebook Bootcamp group with folks who are starting their 30 days at the same time. In this group you’ll get to share your experience (or just lurk and watch everyone else) and get inspiration and health information the entire month. There are weekly meal plans provided with great recipes, shopping lists, everything you need to make the process as simple as possible. We opted to find our own recipes and used one or two from the provided lists. You have the choice to participate in weigh in’s with your coach (I didn’t do any formal measurements or public weigh ins, but I did keep track of my own weight and goals). The bootcamp is a good place to provide support for those who need it and if you don’t at least you can pop over to commiserate or celebrate with others who are going through the exact same thing with you.


Full disclosure I did not go 190% crazy following everything to a T. Some may say that defeats the entire point of a detox. I’m a firm believer in finding a way to make healthier eating a part of your life realistically, not just go full bore for 30 days and sink back into old habits. ANY healthier change is one for the better. 

We opted for healthier low to no carb meals with a healthier cheat meal every once in a while. A lot of paleo and keto recipes, minimal diary, less alcohol, some intermittent fasting. We did our best to follow the list of foods to avoid.

During the 30 days we didn’t feel starved or deprived. Some of the meals we made were excellent, some weren’t as good, but overall we didn’t have any major complaints. We were even able to incorporate better choices at restaurants. The Arbonne products in the kit tasted good (with the exception of the probiotics, more on that in another post). As I said, we didn’t go crazy, we allowed a little wiggle room for real life and it still worked excellent for us. They tell you the entire time during your bootcamp that “it’s not about weight loss” but we surely aren’t complaining about it! By the way can I remind everyone these results were with NO exercise of any kind. Its not that I hate working out… it’s just not on my top 10 list of favorite things to do. So this was a good thing for me although we do plan to start adding in an exercise regimen for the next month.

Consider me a fan. I went ahead and signed up as a consultant to get the kit even cheaper and ordered another month. If you want to try it, I say GO FOR IT. Whether you buy it from my link or order it from a friend or a random person on the internet, give it a shot! I really do think it has great benefit or I wouldn’t have taken the time to post about it. I have high standards for these types of things! See below

Want to try it?

Head over here to customize your kit

You can check out this post for full instructions

Arbonne Nutrition value pack
(If you sign up as a “preferred client” for $29 you get 20-40% off of all products, free shipping, free gifts, etc. it’s also the cheapest way to get the kit)


The recipes we used for dinners are over here, and they are delicious.
Healthy Detox Meals

My Experience

To see my experience, in diary form as I go through the 30 days.

Week 1
Week 2

Indulge me in a sidebar for one moment to talk about MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales companies…

Anyone who knows me knows my absolute aversion to MLM companies (or whatever name they’re calling them these days), I mean I detest the idea and I profess to everyone how much I hate MLM companies, and that’s what I call them because that’s what they are. Really, hate may not even be a strong enough word.

I have friends that sell EVERY one of the latest and greatest products out there and badger me to buy their stuff. I always support their endeavors ONE time, and that is it. In fact, the first time I tried Arbonne several years ago was because one of these said friends had just signed up as a consultant. If I like the product/s I will buy more and if I don’t that’s it.  I’ve told every single one of my friends who sells their various things (Nerium, ItWorks, Beachbody, Plexus, Jamberry, Posh, Pure Romance, etc etc etc) that if your product does what it’s supposed to do you won’t ever have to keep pushing me to buy, I’ll buy it because I like it and so will others.

So I’ve tried them all. Seriously them ALL. The only one I have EVER continued to use (and signed up as a “distributer” to get my stuff cheaper) is Young Living. I am a big fan of essential oils. That said, I do NOT do the whole used car salesman stuff and try to sell these things. By the way, who has time to do that? My purpose of signing up for YL and now Arbonne is because I actually like their stuff.

So why am I blogging about this Arbonne stuff then? There’s no hidden agenda here folks, if you like this stuff and buy it with my link/webpage whatever, I may get an extra few bucks off my own order. I also honestly think there is benefit to these products and this 30 day detox though or I would absolutely NOT be writing about it. My results speak for themselves.

As I said, I’m not the typical MLM warrior, in fact, I’m sure my higher ups will probably hate having me on their team because I have zero intentions to sell sell sell, I have no goals to make promotions or attend conferences or whatever other hoopla that goes along with it. I’m like the kid that you’d pick last for kickball 🙂

That’s where I’m at with this Arbonne nutrition stuff, I have really liked it so I’m buying more. I think there are others who would really like it too. If you don’t buy it from me buy it from someone else, no skin off my back, it’s just a good program and anyone who is interested should try it no matter who you get it from.





11 thoughts on “Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living Review

  1. Were you still breastfeeding when you did this cleanse? Was all the products okay? questioning the detox tea and body cleanse


    1. I bought one kit for both of us to share and it was perfect. We had a lot of the protein powder left over. You will have less supply of things like the fizzies and the cleanse drinks when you’re both using them but it was enough for us to try it out and see if we liked it or not. We did like it and ordered more.


  2. So did you do 15 days of the cleanse (15 for you, 15 for husband)? I’m curious how you structured your days when you were splitting the kit between 2 people! They advertise two shakes per person per day is the “correct” structure. Thanks!


    1. We each did it for the full 30 days and split everything, the quantity they give you in my opinion is plenty to share with someone for a month. This included making healthier meals so we didn’t really do shakes every single day. We were loose with the “rules” so to speak and it still worked great for us!


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